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At English Language Ireland, we provide English courses for people of all ages from 12 years old and upwards.

Students come to us from all over the world to benefit from our small class sizes, friendly atmosphere, and great location in a welcoming town. We ensure they make the most in every way of the time they spend learning English in Ireland, by introducing them to our wonderful culture and country, and by arranging activities outside of class time.

We also welcome students from other countries who already live in Ireland, and who want to improve their English – for college or university entry, to advance their careers, or for any other reason.

Our wide range of courses means there is something to suit all, and we guarantee that all students will leave us having achieved a better command of all four skills of the English language while having formed life-long friendships, while on this journey with us.

Junior English Courses

For junior students aged from 12 to 17, we offer Summer School English classes throughout June, July and August each year, as well as high-quality High School Programmes during the academic year.

Leisure activities and excursions are provided to deliver lasting memories of the very best of Ireland’s people and places. We have a wide variety of favourite activities and destinations, and if there’s something else you’d like to try or somewhere else you’d like to go, we can arrange that too – just ask us!

We are proud to provide Irish ‘Study Buddies’ as part of our Junior English Courses. This helps our students in talking to people of their own age and in learning English faster. It also often leads to lasting friendships.

Adult English Courses

Adult students at English Language Ireland can expect great teachers, a friendly welcome and school atmosphere, and a host of activity programmes to enhance their learning experience.

Adult students can choose from a range of tailor-made individual tuition programmes, or classroom-based programmes with others. We will work with you to assess your individual needs and to deliver the best English language course for you.

You will also receive all help and support you need in every way while living in Ireland, so come to us to enjoy all that our great country has to offer while you learn on the English language course of your choice.

Our carefully chosen host families and local accommodation options will ensure lifelong memories and a wonderful learning environment. Ask us to tailor make a programme for you or your group.

Read more about our Adult English Courses.

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