English School Activities

When you come to study at English Language Ireland, you will attend expert classes to improve your English, and you will also have the opportunity to do much more.

Because Wexford has a great range of sporting and leisure facilities for you to enjoy during your free time, including swimming pools, gyms, bowling alley, tennis courts, and many sports clubs including football (soccer), rugby, and the Irish national sports of gaelic football and hurling all of these opportunities are ‘on your doorstep!

Rowing and Canoeing are also very popular. A vibrant nightlife throughout the week and with two cinemas and plenty of local activity clubs, community groups and volunteering opportunities, you never have an excuse to be bored in Wexford.

If you are staying long-term in Wexford and have a particular interest in a sport or any other activity, we can put you in touch with local clubs or organisations so you can join them during your time spent here.

We also arrange activities and outings ourselves for adult students –and friendly locals will give you a chance to practice your English wherever you choose to go!

English Language Ireland Activities Image Gallery

Sample Social Programme for Adult Students

WEEK 1Hike along the River Barrow to Leighlinbridge Cost €5 for return transportExplore Carlow Culture & Heritage
WEEK 2Bowling & Ping Pong
Cost €10
Irish Dancing and Traditional Music session in local pub
Free to attend
Culture and Shopping Trip to Kilkenny
Cost €15
WEEK 3Visit to Oak Park Forest Park
Visit to local Arts Centre/Gallery/Theatre Cost & Programme varies 
WEEK 4Board Games session
Movie Night at
The Schoolhouse
Culture and Shopping Trip to Dublin
Cost €20
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