Why Learn English With Us?

English Language Ireland is the perfect choice of English school if considering travelling to Ireland to learn English, or sending your child to learn here.

Our warm and caring approach, our expert tuition, and our location in a small and safe town (population 25,000) all add up to promises of both quality education and personal security for students of all ages.

Our caring approach

We pride ourselves on creating a fun and friendly learning environment, and in getting to know all our students personally. As we often say: ‘Come here as a student – leave here as a friend!’

Junior students, in particular, can expect a family-style atmosphere at our English language school. They will also enjoy all the comforts of home as they stay with one of our carefully chosen host families.

We know all our host families personally, and we take care to place every student with the host family that can provide them with the best welcome and care during their time spent learning English in Ireland.

Adult students who come to learn English with us are also assured of a hearty and friendly welcome. We help them with advice on living in Ireland and with making the most of their time in our beautiful country outside of class, and we count as friends many of those who have studied with us in the past.

For all students – junior and adult – we quickly respond to any problems that may arise and, offer all help and support needed. We treat students as though they are part of the family, and that is just one of the many things that makes English Language Ireland a great place to come learn English in Ireland.

Our expert tuition

At English Language Ireland, you are guaranteed a high-quality learning experience, with some of the best teachers available.

All our teachers are carefully chosen and all are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English to international students. They create a warm and fun classroom atmosphere, where students are encouraged to learn from each other as well as from the teacher.

Many of our programmes are tailor-made to the student’s own individual needs, and our teachers on these programmes work closely with the student at all times to ensure maximum benefit and the best possible learning outcome.

In the case of junior students choosing a High School Programme or High School Integration Programme, they will be learning from professional Irish teachers in the Irish High School system, which is regarded as one of the best in the world. We have close relationships with all local High Schools and we can vouch for the quality and integrity of their teaching staff.

Our location

By choosing English Language Ireland in the small and welcoming town of Wexford, you will experience all the best that Ireland has to offer during your time spent learning English here.

With mountains, glorious countryside and river valleys all close at hand, County Wexford is worth discovering and exploring. Against beautiful landscape visitors to Wexford in Ireland’s sunny south-east will uncover a great experience exhilarating outdoor adventure, traditional rural life, vibrant shopping and a rich cultural heritage.

Our town has many clubs, organisations, events, and leisure facilities for you to enjoy during your time outside of class. Wexford is also in easy reach of other popular major centres such as Dublin, Kilkenny, Waterford, and Wexford, as well as historic and cultural sites, and we organise regular outings to these locations.

If you are staying long-term in Wexford to learn English with us, and you have a particular interest in any sport or activity, we can help place you with a local club or organisation so that you can get involved with them and make even more friends during your time here.

All organisations in our town, just like all the people here, are very welcoming and friendly, and they will be delighted to see you join.

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