CLIL Course for Teachers

The aim of the CLIL (Content & Language Integrated Learning) course for teachers is to improve participants’ command of English for the classroom, and to identify the principles of effective practice in CLIL.

The course is eligible for the Erasmus+ Programme and is designed for non-native secondary school teachers who wish to teach their own subjects through English (CLIL/Bi-lingual Education).

There is a maximum of 12 students per class, with the average class size being just eight. Classes are held for a total of 48 hours over a two-week period.

Course objectives include:

  • Looking at the key principles of CLIL
  • Exploring methodology and material in practical ways appropriate to CLIL
  • Raising language awareness and linguistic competence
  • Helping to develop skills in teaching subjects through English
  • Looking at a variety of school subjects (science, art, geography, history, etc.) with an emphasis on ways to make the subjects more accessible to those learning through English
  • Providing CLIL teachers with classroom activites to support their learners with learning language and content
  • Develping assessment, review, and feedback procedures
  • Focusing on language, speaking, and writing
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CLIL Courses For Teachers Features

  • 48 hours of learning, held over two weeks
  • Attentive experienced teachers, with dynamic teaching methods
  • Free Wi-Fi and Language Library
  • Ongoing academic support
  • Friendly and helpful assistance with living in Ireland
  • Friendly and helpful assistance with living in Ireland
  • Social and cultural activities

  • Consult School Calendar
  • Mornings, Monday – Friday.
  • Two afternoon sessions per week.
  • Held over two weeks
  • The Schoolhouse
  • Homestay
  • Student Residence
  • Independent Rental
  • Hotel

CLIL Course for Teachers

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